Russia's Invasion of Ukraine (3)
~How to prevent the abuse of power
(June 2022)

Nobody wants this war against Ukraine except for President Putin. It has been reported that even a local Russian assembly member has condemned this invasion because many young soldiers have died or been wounded. It's ridiculous! Putin is a dictator, and this is a Putin's war. The Russia's invasion of Ukraine has no legitimacy. Putin explained that the aim of this war is to eliminate the neo- Nazi force in the eastern Ukraine. However, this reason for the invasion is distorted. To unilaterally change the status-quo by force must not be forgiven.

Since April, Russian forces have focused on suppressing the eastern regions of Ukraine. On May 23rd, at the World Economic Forum's annual meeting (Davos forum), former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, commented that it would be preferable to have the dividing line between Russia and Ukraine returned to the status-quo ante, before the Russian invasion in February. This means he recommends abandoning the recapture of the Crimean Peninsula, which Russia annexed in 2014.

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy strongly rebuffed this in a statement on May 25th, saying "Those who advocate territorial partition are those who don't consider the Ukrainians living in the region." "Mr. Kissinger's calendar is not 2022, but 1938." He pointed out that Britain and France's appeasement policy toward a rising Nazi Germany supposedly led to the horrors of World War U.

The U.S. has supported Ukraine, bringing the total U.S. aid package to over 50 billion dollars. Specifically, the military aid has been critical, which has angered Putin who has warned the U.S. of these actions.

On May 30th, a spokesman from Ukraine's Ministry of Defense, reported that the battle in the Donbas region in the east has become extremely intense. Russian forces have focused attacks on the important city of Severodonetsk in Luhansk. Ukrainian forces are in a bad position.

According to Ukrainian media, "Russia is trying to attack deep into the Ukrainian defense line. Russian forces have entered central Severodonetsk and street fighting is taking place. The situation is still difficult."

However, President Biden announced on May 30th, saying "The U.S. will not send rocket systems to Ukraine that can reach Russia." There were cautious opinions that Russia would likely start a large-scale counterattack.

As of June 14th, Zelenskyy called on western nations to accelerate the supply of weapons to Ukraine, saying "We need long-range large weapons to battle the Russian forces." "If we don't get them, this war will be prolonged with further casualties."

Now this war is at the crucial stage where Ukraine can shatter Putin's ambition to conquer Ukraine. The most difficult problem for politics is how to prevent the abuse of power by dictators. This applies not only to autocracies but to democracies. Modern politics needs to construct a system to control the deposition of power.

By Yuzuru Takeuchi


誰一人としてウクライナに対するこの戦争を望んではいない。プーチン大統領を除いては。報道によると、ロシアのある地方議員でさえ、多くの若い兵士達が亡くなり負傷しているという理由から、この戦争を非難したという。馬鹿げている! プーチンは独裁者であり、これはプーチンの戦争である。ロシアのウクライナ侵略は正当性が無い。プーチンは、この戦争の目的はウクライナ東部のネオナチ勢力を取り除くことであると説明している。しかしながら、この侵略の理由はこじつけだ。力による一方的な現状変更は、絶対に許されない。