The LDP and KOMEITO retain the ruling coalition


[Photo] Elected as a Member of the House of Representatives (4th)

[Photo] Elected as a Member of the House of Representatives (4th)

In the latest general election of the House of Representatives December 2014, the LDP and KOMEITO secured 326 seats (LDP 291 ; KOMEITO 35 ), which clinched over two-thirds of the Lower House, and maintained the ruling coalition. I was also able to secure my forth election win owing to the sincere support of party members and our supporters.

Last September, I was appointed to the first vice chairperson on Diet Policy Committee of the KOMEITO and the director of the House Steering Committee. I will strive to do my best in terms of meaningful and comprehensive tasks in the management of Diet affairs, including plenary sessions.

Furthermore, as a member of the tax consultation meeting of the ruling coalition, we have decided to introduce a reduced rate of consumption tax for food products in 2017 in addition to lowering the corporate tax rate to enhance competitiveness of Japanese enterprises in the 2015 Outline of the Tax Revision of the LDP and KOMEITO.

Forthcoming, we will construct a strong network for the Japanese economy to include small and medium-sized enterprises and households to experience the "Abenomics" effect.

Last November 17, 2014, KOMEITO celebrated the 50 anniversary of its founding. The principle of the KOMEITO is : hear the people, fight for the people, stand with the people. Based on this principle, we intend to win the unified local government elections on April.

By Yuzuru Takeuchi