Can the LDP take back administration?


Sento Imperial Palace In Kyoto

[Photo] Sento Imperial Palace In Kyoto

It is well known that the DPJ, LDP and NEW KOMEITO all agreed to the consumption tax hike bill in order to ensure revenue for social security. The NEW KOMEITO especially made this decision with the consideration of the social security system and the fiscal reconstruction of Japan.

The consumption tax hike and social security reform bills were passed through after 129 hours of deliberation in the Lower House on July 26, 2012, then they were discussed for another 80 hours in the Upper House.

However, the LDP suddenly changed strategy and instead used the passage of these bills as political leverage, and wanted to submit a no confidence motion or censure motion before voting on the bills. The LDP was eager to exchange the dissolution of the Lower House for the passage of these bills, which meant abandoning the three party agreement.

This tactic shows that the LDP lacks responsibility to the nation and only moves in accordance with their own political circumstances. The NEW KOMEITO was embarrassed and lost confidence with the LDP at one time.

Such political tactics used by the LDP can't be understood by the people and even if the LDP wins in the next general election, the managing the LDP administration will be difficult and unstable.

I think that the LDP management is similar to that of the DPJ. Many people hope that the ruling party has a clear philosophy and is strongly united, but the future of Japan politics looks desperate.