Should Japan stop nuclear power generation ?


Sento Imperial Palace In Kyoto

[Photo] Sento Imperial Palace In Kyoto

It is true that the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident is serious, and many people think that Japan should stop nuclear power generation altogether. But the non nuclear power generation policy that Prime Minister Naoto Kan has stated has to be discussed from various points of view.

If all the nuclear power plants in Japan stopped, the power supply would fall short of about 30% of the power demand, which will urge industries to leave Japan.

The cause of the Fukushima No.1 nuclear power plant accident must be sufficiently inspected. The Fukushima No.2 nuclear power plant was also hit by the Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami, but it escaped serious damage because the height of the tsunami was 2 meters lower than that of the No.1 plant and the emergency power remained active.

If the breakwater at the No.1 plant had been constructed a little higher, the accident might not have occurred.

I don't think that a non nuclear power generation policy is possible. Without nuclear power generation, modern civilization wouldn't be realized.

If we strengthen counter-measures against a massive earthquake and tsunami, the government can restart to the operations of the nuclear power plants that sit idle awaiting inspections.

Germany decided to seek a society that does not depend on nuclear power generation, but to purchase electricity from France where nuclear power generation continues. There is no other policy as irresponsible as that of the Germans.