Why has the DPJ administration failed ?


The Aoi Festival in Kyoto

[Photo] The Aoi Festival in Kyoto

It has only been a short two years since the DPJ regime began, but many people think that the DPJ administration has failed. Why can't the DPJ succeed ? There are several factors.

Since most DPJ politicians are very young and short of experience as organization men, they have not been very successful in organizing the party. In fact, one young minister has repeatedly made vital misjudgments in terms of some important matters.

Of course, the biggest reason for their failure is that both Mr. HATOYAMA and Mr. KAN lack the quality of Prime Minister.

The DPJ consists of many groups and surprisingly, share no common philosophy throughout the party, called "KOURYO" in Japanese.

This philosophy is standard for decision making. The manifest is the target of their policy, but this is different from philosophy. For this reason, the DPJ have been in dispute with each other whenever they face difficult problems or accidents.

It takes about 16.8 trillion yen for the DPJ to realize their manifest. Before the change of regime, the DPJ arrogantly promised that their manifest could be easily obtained by reducing wasteful spending and through the transformation of the national budget. However, the DPJ government couldn't secure the revenue for their manifest.

Moreover, the non-bureaucratic led government the DPJ promised ultimately resulted in failure. They excessively excluded bureaucrats to participate in the decision making of the government. As a result, bureaucrats resisted to cooperate with the DPJ government. Thus the failure of DPJ administration.