What should the DPJ administration do ?

Sixteen months have passed since the change of regime was made, but most people in Japan are just now realizing how immaturethe DPJ administration is.

The expectation for change has almost faded away because of a series of diplomatic failures, gaffes by ministers and continuing economic stagnation.
The DPJ government may also be starting to feel the difficulty of government operation.

It is indispensable for the ruling party to have qualities such as high moral, a definite philosophy, strategy, accumulated policies and maturity in organizations, and extreme confusion remains by their excessive "lip service" and their manifest full of populism.

The most important political issues in Japan at the moment is to rebuild diplomacy and security policies.
Second is to promote economic growth and overcome deflation, and the third is to establish a social welfare vision and secure new sources of revenue to correct national finance.

The government needs to decide on their priorities and steadily advance them using strong leadership.
Instead, they have to apologize to the people about what they couldn't realize, and dash peoples' hope and expectations for future.

We should be careful in regard to the security circumstances for Korean Peninsula and have to make North Korea abandon their nuclear weapons and missiles, which includes finding a solution for the North Korea abduction issue.

The whole solution of the abduction is especially important for Japan and is a precondition for normalizing relationship between Japan and North Korea.
However, it is regrettable that the DPJ administration has done almost nothing in terms of diplomatic negotiation with North Korea.