Foreign Affairs in Japan, 21st Century (2)

Japan attempted to arrange a meeting with the Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao in Hanoi during the summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations including; Japan, China and South Korea (ASEAN +3).

Prime Minister Naoto Kan wanted to ease the strained relations between Japan and China; however, Beijing rejected Japan's offer citing Japan had ruined the atmosphere for bilateral talks.

I don't know if what Beijing said is true, but Japanese Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara reiterated that no territorial dispute exists since the Senkaku Islands are part of Japan.

It was impolite for China to suddenly cancel this formal diplomatic meeting, but if Japan wants to succeed, various kinds of considerations should be made by the Japanese government and Mr. Maehara has to be prudent in his speech.

The cancellation of their formal talks was a diplomatic failure for Japan.

It was then reported that Kan and Wen happened to meet for a 10-minute informal conversation, which was nonsense.

This shows that it is extremely difficult to repair the relation between Japan and China. Many people in China demonstrated their anger for Japan and most Japanese people tend to dislike China.

The foreign policy of the DPJ is immature and as a result, difficult problems are going to arise for Japan one after another.